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By Mary Waggoner

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve—or on your plate? License plate, that is.

Recently, we posted a picture of a car sporting a specialty license plate with the imprint ILVND on our Facebook page and asked our Facebook friends to let us know how they would show their own Irish pride on a personalized plate, using no more than eight characters.

DOMER and GOIRISH were popular suggestions, as would be expected.

There were some interesting variations on the word “Domer” like GDOMER, DBLDOMR, 3XDOMER, and DOMAH (Domer pronounced with a Boston accent).

Plate suggestions with the word “Irish” included FTGIRSH, IRISHFN, NDIRISH, IRISHPW, and IRISHLAW.

Besides a few who thought  LVTHEEND would be a great plate, there were many suggestions on how to show one’s abiding love for Notre Dame such as LUVUND, GDCTRYND, GODUSND, NDRMOTHR, MYND4EVR, LOVETHEND, WE R ND, BIGNDFAN, ND4LIFE, NDHEART, NTREDME, IAM4ND, LOVETHEE, NDPRIDE, and NDSTRONG.

One woman shared that her parents’ plate reads 3432ND. Another explained that her plate reads UNDSMC because there are graduates from both sides of the highway in her family.

Perhaps the most clever plate suggestion came from two Facebook fans—quite likely Chemistry majors: AU DOME.

Certainly, Irish football fans chimed in with suggestions like IRISHFB, BLUNGOLD, and THANXLOU. As would be expected, there were a few suggestions from armchair quarterbacks like JUSTWIN, NOTRNOVR, and RNTHBALL. There were also a few suggestions related to the University of Michigan football team which, for various reasons, we could not reprint here. And, just in time for the October 19 home game, one fan posted this plate:

Obviously, there is the potential for as many personalized combinations as there are alumni, parents, and friends of Notre Dame.

Official Notre Dame license plates are available in the following states: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. In Indiana alone, over 10,000 specialty plates have been purchased since the program’s inception. Residents of those states can find information on how to order their specialty plate here.

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