NDAA Launches Network of Blogs


By Gabriela Leskur ’16
Alumni Association Writing Intern

With the launch of the new myNotreDame, the Notre Dame Alumni Association has debuted a network of blogs, allowing alumni and friends to learn, interact, and share.

The blogs provide forums for discussion and growth, covering a wide variety of topics — from workplace ethics to travel adventures to faith experiences. Take the opportunity to read, reflect, and add to these meaningful conversations.

Learn more about each blog below and join the discussion today!

Ethics In Action Blog

Any career presents situations that test our personal code of ethics. How we respond in these pivotal moments can be crucial for our development — both professionally and personally. This blog, with each entry written by a different Notre Dame graduate, is dedicated to sharing ethical dilemmas in the workplace and understanding the resolutions and key takeaways.

FaithND Blog

Faith is at the center of life at Notre Dame and finds a home for discussion in this blog. The FaithND Blog gives Notre Dame alumni and friends a place to read and discuss the importance of faith in all areas of their lives. Written by Notre Dame alumni, parents, professors, students, and friends, these reflections focus on spirituality, charity, family life, human dignity, forgiveness, and many more topics.

International Blog

The Notre Dame family is truly a global community, with our alumni and friends spread out across the world. This blog aims to collect and share stories that cross an international scale, from the University’s global initiatives to the amazing work being done by our international Notre Dame clubs.

Your One and Only Life Blog

Your One and Only Life explores what defines and drives a life of service. Focusing on current events, as well as enduring questions, this blog encourages Notre Dame families and friends to question, serve, and share together throughout their lives.

Travel Blog

With trips scheduled throughout the year to a variety of exciting locations, the Notre Dame Alumni Travel Program offers alumni and friends the chance to enjoy amazing travel experiences alongside other members of the Notre Dame family. This blog features important updates on upcoming trips, as well as recaps and memories of completed voyages from our trip hosts.

Young Alumni Blog

Leaving Notre Dame, graduates spread out all over the world and finds jobs in all different fields. But all young alumni also face very similar challenges and experiences. If you’re a recent Notre Dame graduate, check this blog for regular updates on young alumni programs and issues, as well as guest blog entries from some of your former classmates reflecting on their post-Notre Dame lives.

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